9th Annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication 2018

Improving Construction Productivity, Cost Efficiencies and Innovative Design through Prefabricated and Modular Design and Delivery

The modular construction industry in Australia is growing twice as fast as the traditional construction industry. Modular construction currently accounts for $4.5 billion of Australia’s $150 billion construction industry. When well executed, modular construction and prefabrication offers the opportunity to construct projects up to 90% faster, reduce site waste by 80% and reduce total costs by 50% when compared to traditional methods. The government is clearly recognising the benefits of this growing industry with the minister for education announcing a $4 billion program to replace demountable classrooms with prefab structures in NSW in 2017.

With this in mind, the 9th Annual Modular Construction and Prefabrication Summit for 2018 has been tailored for client based decision makers and thought leaders in the industry to discuss how modular can improve construction productivity, cost efficiencies and innovative design. It will include but not be limited to:

  • Early contractor involvement to reduce project timelines and overall cost
  • Tighter Procurement and supply chain management to deliver pre fabricated materials on schedule and within budget
  • Construction innovation in materials and innovative digital platforms to construct more efficiently and achieve design and sustainability outcomes

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