28 - 29 August, 2018 | Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

Julian Anderson

Bates Smart

11:10 AM Case Study: How Cross Laminated Timber allowed for Production of Sustainable and Innovative Office Spaces that was Constructed 4 Storeys Higher than Traditional Methods

Following the need for sustainable and innovation design solutions for infrastructure, Architects at Bates Smart chose to explore pre fabrication options and technology to create bespoke workplaces that are highly contemporary and meet customer needs and expectations

  • Case Study of 55 Southbank Boulevard, an apartment hotel where developers used cross laminated timber to add the 10 storey commercial tower on top of the existing commercial office building, as opposed to only 6 that would have been possible through traditional methods
  • Examining the $2.9 billion redevelopment of 25 King Street which delivered a sustainable two storey timber colonnade.
  • Exploring the choose to use exposed cross laminated timber to create a contemporary studio environment
  • Exploring the benefits of highly engineered timber for innovation design options that meets the demands of the contemporary workplace.

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